Extendware Search Insights and Improvements for Magento 2

Extendware’s Search Insights and Improvementsincludes:

  • Additional filters for IS_NEW for search term

  • Additional filter for LAST_USED_SEARCH term

  • search team grid export into csv

  • Search tem import functionality

Installation in your Magento Online Shop

  • Note : in production please use the --keep-generated option

Type 1: Zip file

  • Unzip the zip file in app/code/Extendware

  • Enable the module by running php bin/magento module:enable Extendware_AdvancedSearch

  • Apply database updates by running php bin/magento setup:upgrade*

  • Flush the cache by running php bin/magento cache:flush


  • IS_NEW - It’s search term attribute which sets yes when user search for keyword

  • LAST_USED_SEARCH - It’s search term attribute which update date & time when specific term has been searched by user


Export search terms with new fields

  • User just need to go dashboard>marketting>Search terms alt_text

  • Add filter and click on export alt_text

Import new search terms from backend

  • User just need to go dashboard>system>Import alt_text

  • User just need to go dashboard>system>Import. and select “search temrs” and click on download sample to get sample csv with all fields alt_text

  • In csv you need to filled all fields kindly check details for each field below

    • query_id (required)

    • query_text (required)

    • num_results (required)

    • popularity (required)

    • redirect (optional)

    • store_id (required)

    • display_in_terms (required) (0 or 1)

    • is_active (required) (0 or 1)

    • is_processed (required) (0 or 1)

    • updated_at (not required it will auto update date so we can keep it blank)

    • is_spellchecked (required) (0 or 1)

    • is_new (optional) (0 or 1)

    • last_used_search (optional) (date format in yyyy-mm-dd)

  • After that user just need to upload new csv in same setion and click on “check data” and click on import alt_text alt_text alt_text alt_text


All notable changes to this project will be documented here.



  • Fix: PHP 8.2 Compilation issue



- Support Last search search terms update
- Fix: Import issue on Magento 2.4.6



- Support Magento 2.4.6 with PHP8.1



- First release