Extendware DeepL Translator Autosync for Magento 2

DeepL Translator Autosync

Introducing DeepL Translator Autosync, the latest extension for DeepL Translator that takes your translation experience to the next level. With DeepL Translator Autosync, we’ve added several powerful features that will streamline your translation workflow and make your e-commerce management more efficient. We adds few more features such as auto translate products, attributes, blocks, pages and categories when save.

Extendware’s DeepL Translator Auto sync Extends DeepL Translator to add the following features:

  • Translate all CLI, which translates Products, Categories, Pages, Blocks, and Attributes for all stores.

  • You can now add ALL to CLI to translate all the stores

  • Adds the cron feature and you can configure when to run

  • Add translation to products when mass action

Important Note: Please be aware that DeepL Translator Autosync is an extension designed to work seamlessly with the DeepL Translator extension and requires a valid DeepL API key.

Installation in your Magento Online Shop

Type 1: Zip file

  • Unzip the zip file in app/code/Extendware

  • Enable the module by running php bin/magento module:enable Extendware_DeeplTranslatorAutosync

  • Apply database updates by running php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • Flush the cache by running php bin/magento cache:flush

Configuration in your Magento store

Configuration in your Magento store

  • Auto Sync Enable/Disabled (For Show All Translate Button and MassAction Option)

  • Cron Enabled/Disabled

  • Enabled Auto Sync For (Products, categories, Static Blocks, and CMS Pages)

  • Cron Frequency (Schedule when to run)


Config Setting (Store -> Configuration -> Extendware -> Deepl Translator)

  • User can enable Auto Sync in order to allow translation when clicking on save for Products, categories, Static Blocks, and CMS Pages. And also allows MassAction for Products, Static Blocks, and CMS Pages.

  • User can enable Cron in order to allow the cron job to run

  • User can select any section for auto-synchronization translation from store configuration. Also, users can enable specific products and categories for auto-synchronization translation by using attributes. But Static Block and CMS page are used to store configuration value.

  • User can configure Cron schedule to choose how frequently to run the

Product Translation

Product Page Attribute

Product MassAction

Category Translate:

Product and Category Page Attribute

Page Translate:

CMS Page Attribute

CMS Page MassAction

Block Translate:

Static Block Attribute

Static Block MassAction

Using CommandLine:

    bin/magento extendware_deepltranslator:translate:all


All notable changes to this project will be documented here.



  • Fix: CMS page edit issue on PHP 8.2



  • Fix: Fix the version constraint from composer



- Fix: PHP 8.2 Deprecated Functionality



- Fix: Translation for Block page



- Fix: Translation Identifier in CMS Page



- Fix: Product and category innvalid formkey issue
- Fix: Infinite  API request issue 
- Fix: Auto cron time issue



- Fix: CMS Pages and Static block translate button issue



- Fix: CMS Pages and Static block main Store issue



- Fix: construct param update for product



- Fix: Update translatation date code for All store
- Fix: Changed translatation date timezone formate



- Fix: Product and Category page main store translatation date issue



- Fix: Update Store Configuration comments



- Fix: Compilation issues with Php8.1
- Fix: MassAction and Cron translation
- Fix: Translation Date time on Products, categories, Static Blocks and CMS Pages


- Support Magento 2.4.6 with PHP8.1
- Added Auto Translation synchronization for Products, categories, Static Blocks and CMS Pages
- Improve Configuration for Auto synchronization
- Provide Auto synchronization based on specific products and categories
- Improve Translation speed by using Message Queue for MassAction



- Include composer
- Support Magento 2.4.5



- First release