Product Questions Extension for Magento 2

The prospective buyers always have concerns regarding the products that they are looking forward to buying. With this tool, they can get answers to all the questions directly from the sellers. These questions and answers will be displayed on the product’s page which will help every user to know more when they visit the page.


The product page has a tab ‘Ask Question’. On clicking it, a drop-down will be shown, in which the user or guest can insert their contact and question.

Next, these questions are sent to the admin grid or the email of the store.

On receiving the email, the admin can then reply to the customer from the admin.

With this tool, the admin can reply to the customer’s query easily.

All these messages are then stored in the admin panel.


Admin can keep a check on the complete Q & A from the backend.

The question and answer section can be set for registered users or visitors.

Creates a positive impression about products.

Why Do You Need Product Questions?

The Magento Product Ask Question enables your users to ask you questions about the products from the product pages, providing an extra piece of product details.

The admin can provide more detailed details on the questions being asked.


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Installation procedure

  1. Download your extension package from the Download page after purchasing the extension.

  2. Open the extension ZIP file you downloaded and extract it to a directory on your computer using a tool like WinRar, WinZIP or similar.

  3. Upload the extracted folders and files into the root directory of your Magento installation. The root directory of Magento is the folder that contains the directories “app”, “bin”, “lib” and more. All folders should match the existing folder structure. If one of our extensions is already installed and you’re updating it, make sure to overwrite the existing files of the extension.

  4. Connect via SSH and run the following commands (make sure to run them as the user who owns the Magento files!

  5. php bin/magento module:enable –clear-static-content Extendware_Core

  6. php bin/magento module:enable –clear-static-content Extendware_AskQuestion

  7. php bin/magento maintenance:enable

  8. php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  9. php bin/magento setup:di:compile

  10. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

  11. php bin/magento maintenance:disable

  12. In case if you still do not see the extension active, Go to Admin -> System -> Cache Management and click both the ‘Flush Magento Cache’ as well as the ‘Flush Cache Storage’ button.

  13. Woo-ha! You have successfully installed the extension and your store is ready to receive questions from customers.


You will find all extendware settings in Admin Panel → Extendware Menu


To configure the extension you need to go to Admin Panel → Extendware Menu → Extendware Ask Question → Configuration.


Product Questions General Configuration

Enable - Select Yes to enable the module.

Is Hyva Theme - Select “Yes” if you are using the hyva theme.

Popup Content - Product Question Popup content. You can write html and add images to the popup.

Product Questions Email Configuration

Want to use other email address - Select Yes if you want to use a different email address then store email to receive a question email. If “No” then store default email will be used to send email.

Email Address - Email address in which admin wants to receive a question email.

Admin can review all Q&A from Admin Panel → Extendware Menu → Extendware Ask Question → Manage Questions


Frontend popup


Customers can ask questions about products from the popup up which will be displayed using the ask question button.

Left side content will be managed from the admin panel.


All notable changes to this project will be documented here.



Support for Magento 2.4.6-p2 with PHP8.2


Update menu sorting in the admin view.



First release